An area of land spanning 24 acres, situated near Adlington Road in Wilmslow and safeguarded for development, is now on sale for residential property development. If the sale goes through, there will be a whole host of opportunities for joiners, architects and builders in Cheshire.

The land is featured in the draft plans for a Development Strategy by Cheshire East Council, published last December, when it set out the total number of jobs and homes needed for the next two decades. It proposed that 225 homes are needed on the site as of 2015.

This differs, however, from recommendations made in the Wilmslow Town Strategy, revised by Wilmslow Town Council and published last November.

The strategy came from a consultation with Wilmslow Vision and suggests that housing should not be built on the site until 2025.

The brochure for the land says that Cheshire East will gladly welcome a planning application sooner rather than later, although Residents of Wilmslow member Manual Golding said:

“Both RoW and WTC have previously stated we would wish a deferment to build on this site to at least 2025 if we can not get it re designated [sic] as Green Belt.

“Contrary to this, the brochure clearly states “Cheshire East have stated that they will welcome an early planning application on the land.””

Any entity interested in owning land on the site has until midday on June 28 to stake its claim, that is assuming that planning permission is granted.