The residents of Birkenhead are set to see 130 new homes introduced to the north of the town if the local council gets the green light for new development plans.

If the work goes ahead, a village-style setting will play host to the new properties once old terraced houses off Laird Street have been demolished.

More than 80 St. Joseph’s Place homes, which were developed when the project was first launched, have been bought by those who had their previous homes bulldozed.

Councillor George Davies, housing chief for Wirral Council, said that a part of the area has been given the opportunity to reach the “vibrant” heights it once took for granted.

He was clearly taken aback at the number of people who are keen to move back to the area once the new homes are developed. He said:

“We carried out a survey as part of the regeneration scheme and it was amazing the number of people who said they would move no more than a mile away from their former homes when they were demolished and wanted to return to the area when the new homes were built.”

He went on to explain that the plan is to completely regenerate the area which flanks Laird Street up to the point it reaches St. James’s Church.

The homes should be built in the latter stages of 2013 and will also benefit the local economy, with firms providing loft conversions and home extensions on the Wirral expecting to experience increases in demand.