Loft conversions on the Wirral

While the Wirral is known for its beautiful scenery and numerous attractions, the area is also a popular place to live. With many of the peninsula’s residents living in terraced streets, however, extra space isn’t always available. Thankfully, there are reputable professionals ready to complete loft conversions on the Wirral.

For families with teenagers, there will always be issues of bedroom space, and the loft offers a great solution for this. It is cost-effective too; affordable to complete and adding significant value to a home’s sale price, it is a win-win situation.

Helping to make the space even more usable is the addition of an en-suite bathroom. Putting an end to kids squabbling in the morning, it is important that good ventilation and safety is assured through the use of reputable local builders.

Working from home

More and more people on the Wirral and across the Merseyside region are working from home through the week, and having a properly designed work area for this is essential. Rather than cramming papers into the kitchen table space, creating an office in the loft makes perfect sense.

Much as with a bedroom in the loft, it is important that there is good ventilation in the space. It is also vital to ensure the light is good for working in. With building regulations likely needing to be met too, working with a reputable builder is important.

Home gym

Merseyside is known for its sporting heritage, with some of the world’s biggest golf tournaments taking place on the Wirral. As the area’s residents look to emulate their athletic heroes, many will want to keep fit. For those without the space to house gym equipment, though, converting the loft is a great idea.

Bedrooms, offices and gyms are just three top ideas for loft conversions on the Wirral, but there are many more. To see how your plans can really lift the roof, call Hartley & Parry today.