Joiners on the Wirral

The Wirral is known across the UK for its impressive structures and beautiful scenery. With more than 1,800 listed buildings, there is plenty of inspiration on offer for the area’s homeowners. While some will no doubt look to complete improvements as DIY projects, most look to enlist the help of joiners on the Wirral to ensure safety and quality.

Any major home improvements will likely benefit from the involvement of a number of professional tradespeople. From builders and plumbers to joiners, Wirral homeowners should ensure they find the best professional for the job.

One of the most obvious jobs to consider where good carpentry and cabinet building is required would be the installation of a new kitchen. From designing a bespoke contemporary kitchen to installing a more traditional pine or oak option, joiners are essential.

Hard floors are very popular on the Wirral, as they are easy to maintain and deliver a great look throughout large areas of a home. When laying a real hardwood floor though, getting the details right is essential to creating a smart looking room, and expert carpenters can deliver.

Towns like Birkenhead and Wallasey are often busy, with terraced houses lining many streets. As a result, making a home bigger is an obvious project for many families, and this can be achieved with an extension, conservatory or loft conversion. From creating stud walls and other structural details, to installing the fitted furniture, floors, doors and windows, great joinery skills are essential.

Wooden framed windows also tend to need maintenance, and joiners should be the first port of call when an issue arises. If poorly maintained, they are also a major cause of heat loss.

Whether you’re looking for joiners on the Wirral to carry out repairs, alterations or more extensive projects, the team here at Hartley and Parry can help. Give us a call today to find out more.