Home renovation in Merseyside

When it comes to finding the best local builder, there are always doubts with their trustworthiness. Having a personal recommendation helps, but this is not always possible. For larger jobs, the problem is even greater, such as choosing who to use for a home renovation. In Merseyside, and throughout the North West, there are ways to get around this.

One important aspect of selecting the best builders is to check their credentials and work history. Some of this can be gleaned from adverts and the firms’ websites, but not all. It is far better that a company is happy to answer questions and display their work, for example.

The checks can go further than this, with many of the preferred companies throughout Merseyside providing customer testimonials. If a customer is happy to be quoted, it is always a good sign. If these testimonials can be verified and, better still, the customer contacted directly, it should show a firm in a very positive light.

Allowing customers to talk to potential customers also allows other important questions to be answered, that no firm could answer itself. For example, only a customer can truly rate how friendly and responsible on site a team is, or how good support and customer services are. These are all as important as the build quality.

This is how we think at Hartley and Parry, having developed a good foundation of the trade, traditional values, and a modern approach. Completing work for a family home is far more than building a successful project – it is about building a good relationship too.

To help get our relationship off to a great start, please give our expert team a call to discuss your project in detail. Before that though, please call our customers, many of whom have had a home renovation in Merseyside with us, and see how we can develop your plans.