Home extensions in Merseyside

Merseyside, sitting astride the River Mersey, is a large area of North West England, encompassing nearby St. Helens, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley and the city of Liverpool. The area is one of rich cultural and architectural diversity, from the urban metropolis of Liverpool, to the more rural and scenic idylls of Wirral. As well as the historic influence of the area’s shipping industry and the creation of homes for the many workers of the time, the spread of the workforce into the quieter more semi-urban areas provides the diverse make-up of the district.

Working across the area

The area is varied in its make-up, both in terms of its economic well-being and the style of its buildings. Because of the diversity of the buildings in the many settlements throughout the area, the challenge of home improvements projects can be a particularly daunting one. Those seeking home extensions in Merseyside can benefit from local experts who appreciate this variation and can therefore work with locals to produce the best results.

Large undertaking

Many people decide to get loft conversions and home extensions in Merseyside homes, and it is a decision that can’t be undertaken lightly. It can involve some disruption, but the benefits of a successful conversion or newly-built area of the house cannot be understated, whether it is motivated by the need for more space for storage, a shrine to antique collectibles, an extra bedroom for an expanding family or a home office for the student or self-employed.

With an expert team like ours at Hartley and Parry, we can help your family negotiate this undertaking with a level of dedication like you’ve never seen. We are experienced at providing building services throughout the area and are proud to continue to serve Merseyside residents. Call us today to discover what our involvement can mean for your building project.