Bathroom renovations in Merseyside

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms to which most households pay particular attention when decorating, but being so important means that a great deal of care and attention is needed when selecting the team to carry out any bathroom renovations. In Merseyside and across the North West, this is as true as anywhere.

One of the best ways to really get an understanding of a particular building company is to take a look at the work it has completed previously. This is perhaps even more the case when it comes to bathroom refits, where the approach to design and finish can really be seen. In addition to seeing the quality, it is also a good way to get ideas.

As well as displaying previous work, it is also very good if a firm can put potential customers in direct contact with past or existing customers. This way, questions can be answered about how a firm goes about its work, how proactive it is, the cost and, possibly most importantly of all, the customer service.

Trust is an important part of inviting any professional contractor into a home, particularly when working on something as crucial as a bathroom. If a firm does freely advertise its work and has received the backing of its customers to allow contact, confidence should already be building.

At Hartley and Parry, that is what we believe. Like you, we are homeowners and know how far trust goes. Applying traditional methods to modern approaches to bathroom renovations throughout Merseyside is what we are about. From granite surfaces to custom made lighting, we can help deliver the perfect space for families and couples.

We are grateful to our existing customers for allowing us to show photos of their homes, and even more delighted they are willing to discuss our work. We would be delighted for you to call too, and let our expert team discuss your perfect bathroom.