Builders in Merseyside

Choosing which trades professionals to invite into a your home is always difficult, particularly without the use of a personal recommendation. Take builders, whether in Merseyside or anywhere in the north west, it can be really hard to work out whether they are as good as they are saying they are.

That is why it is important to check the credentials as much as possible. A little more credit can be given to those firms that make it easy for potential customers to check up on them. A firm freely offering up its client list clearly is proud of its work and has great relations with its customers.

One step up from this is a company that is happy for questions to be asked of it in an open fashion. Better still is a firm that allows potential customers to contact existing or previous clients and discuss the work, the quality, and the build team themselves.

Naturally, it is a great marketing ploy, but there is nothing wrong with good marketing that is completely open and transparent. It is one thing for a construction company to show it knows how to put a plan together, it is another thing altogether if a company can demonstrate an understanding of the thought and feeling that goes into the plan.

Here at Hartley and Parry, we feel we have the right mix of building experience and knowledge, as well as being able to rely on a solid foundation of good old-fashioned respect and understanding. New ideas and old methods make us able to bring efficient homes, whether needing a small back yard extension or a full refit.

Please take a look through our portfolio of previous instructions and contact our customers directly. For more information and to discuss how to get the best from your home, call one of our expert team of builders in Merseyside.

With us, Merseyside can build better homes.