Home renovation in Chester

It is always difficult to choose which trades professional to invite into your home, particularly when there is no personal recommendation to help. The choice is also made all the more difficult when it involves major works, such as a home renovation. In Chester households, and homes across the whole of the North West, such problems are common.

To help make a decision, checking the credentials of local builders helps, rather than relying on what they say about themselves. Adverts and websites will naturally highlight a firm’s plus points. However, there are firms that are happy to be open, and are willing to be asked any question about their work history.

Better still are those firms that post checkable customer testimonials on their site. Some construction companies are also happy for previous and current customers to be contacted by potential customers.

This allows questions to be asked that to which only customers have the answer, such as the behavior of a team, how friendly they are, and customer service levels. All of these aspects are essential when inviting strangers into a home, particularly when being contracted to complete wide-scale renovations.

At Hartley and Parry, we just feel this is the right way to do business. We are very good at building homes, but we believe we are also great at building great customer relations. Our foundations run deeper than this though, applying recent experience, traditional values and an eagerness to deliver quality construction to Chester families.

We would love for you to choose us to work on your home renovation in Chester, but urge you to look through what our customers say about us first, and contact them directly. When fully satisfied that we are the team for you, we’d then love you to call our expert team, and discuss how we can help deliver the home you have always wanted.