Home renovation in Cheshire

Choosing which trades professional to invite into a home is always a struggle, made all the more difficult if there is no personal recommendation upon which to rely. Further complications arise with major jobs too, such as home renovation. Across Cheshire, households face such issues on a regular basis, often causing unnecessary stress.

Where there is no advice to rely on, it is essential that the work history of local builders are checked. This means looking past adverts and statements on websites. Looking at firms that are transparent, and open to being asked any question about their work makes sense, therefore.

Some construction companies actually go a step further and provide customer testimonials on their websites, and they can be checked first hand. Better still are those firms which provide contact details, in order that past customers can be asked about their experiences.

Providing such a service in itself reflects well upon a firm, while questions that simply cannot be answered by the builders themselves can be asked. For example, only customers will be able to advise on how friendly a team is, how they behave and what the customer service is like. These are all critical aspects, perhaps just as important as the quality of build.

That is what we believe at Hartley and Parry, in any case. With strong experience in the trade, and a commitment to traditional values, we build great homes and great customer relations. More than this, we also welcome innovation in construction, but not at the cost of doing things right. This is what helps us bring solid builds to Cheshire.

To see just how we could help you realise your family home ambitions, we would love you to call our expert team. Before this though, please browse our site, read our testimonials and contact our customers yourself and then, hopefully impressed, make that call for your home renovation in Cheshire.